About Us

Who is GeoSpectral Imaging?

GeoSpectral Imaging comprises a team of geologists, image processors, software developers, and mathematicians. The team has been involved in the application and development of processing solutions for hyperspectral image data over several decades. Individual members have been involved in the early stages of core image system developments since 2002 when the first prototype system was developed and implemented on an operational site for a large mining company. Since then developments have been explored in terms of the geological applications of the image data, the processing of large and data-rich images, and the management and delivery of results to be integrated into the geological and mining projects. GeoSpectral Imaging was founded in 2012 to deliver commercial core imaging solutions to the mining industry.

Our Aim:

GeoSpectral Imaging was founded in 2012 and provides infrared drill core imaging services and image processing solutions focussed primarily on geological applications. The objective is to provide full services to custom solutions for core imaging, ranging from acquisition and processing services, through processing support, to consulting on data interpretation, modelling and utilization. Additional processing solutions are provided for image applications in geological environments for a variety of different data sets.

The Management Team

Phil Harris


Phil Harris was awarded a Ph.D. in Geology from the Rand Afrikaans University (University of Johannesburg) in 1999, for geological research on a high-grade metamorphic terrain in Antarctica.  He has 18 years of experience in industry providing a broad range of remote sensing and spectral geology consulting, and has gained experience in satellite and airborne hyperspectral imaging, field portable mineral mapping systems and ground imaging systems while working for Anglo American.  During this period he was actively involved in the development of acquisition systems, data processing methods and geological interpretation of various types of spectral data.  These include large scale airborne hyperspectral surveys, field portable spectral data on many different geological sample types, and hyperspectral imaging for geological rock and drill core samples.  Phil is currently working as a spectral geologist for Geospectral Imaging (Pty) Ltd providing infrared imaging of drill core samples to the mining industry.

Warren Howe-Watson


Warren Howe-Watson’s interests in the Geological, Geographical and Computer science fields led him to complete a B.Sc. in GeoInformatics in 2001. Thereafter he obtained an Honours degree in Informatics in 2002. He also joined Anglo American’s Exploration Division as a consultant in 2002 where he was involved specifically in software architecture and systems development, and in 2003 he founded NE14 Solutions, a software and hardware solutions company that catered to a variety of industries, ranging from mining to design and entertainment. From 2005 Warren became involved in the development of software tools used for the processing of hyperspectral data at Anglo American. Since then he has managed a number of diverse projects in mixed fields, and most recently has taken on the role of Head System Architect for GeoSpectral Imaging (Pty) Ltd.

Neil Pendock


Neil Pendock received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Wits in 1984 for work on spatial information in remotely sensed data.  For the past three decades he has been involved in developing algorithms for the processing and interpretation of remotely sensed data from various sources including remote sensing and geophysics.  He has developed software for processing data from various systems including Landsat TM, Aster, the De Beers hyperspectral airborne scanner, the AngloGold Ashanti core logging system, the Bell airborne gravity gradiometer, an airborne squid magnetic gradient system for mineral exploration, plus related projects. Neil is currently an Image Processing Specialist for GeoSpectral Imaging (Pty) Ltd.

Michael Sears


Michael Sears was born in Johannesburg and studied in Kenya and Australia, obtaining a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1972.  He joined the University of the Witwatersrand the same year and remained at that university until 1997, during which time he headed departments in the mathematical sciences and served a term as dean of the Faculty of Science.  In 1997 he joined Anglo American as Manager: Remote Sensing, and managed the satellite and airborne remote sensing needs of the company including the De Beers’ airborne hyperspectral scanner system (the HyMap prototype).  With Phil Harris and Neil Pendock, he was also involved in the development of the first hyperspectral core imager for Anglo Gold Ashanti.  Michael retired from Anglo American in 2007 and returned to the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008 as a Visiting Professor in Computer Science.  He has published widely in pure and applied mathematics, and is currently the principal investigator in a Centre for High Performance Flagship Project on Computational Imaging and Remote Sensing. Michael joined GeoSpectral Imaging‘s(Pty) Ltd Board of Directors at the end of 2012.