What we do

Hyperspectral core imaging

GeoSpectral Imaging specialises in the rapid and accurate automated scanning of drill core using a range of imaging sensors operational across different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The infrared provides mineralogical information while the imagery maintains the context and textures related to the rock in the drill core.  The advantage of using this technology is that it provides a non-destructive technique for measuring and logging core, both objectively and consistently. This provides the geologist with a comprehensive, reusable digital data set that can be used to tackle a variety of geological problems, such as the identification and characterisation of mineralogically complicated alteration assemblages, and the correlation of geological units.

Core imaging solutions

GeoSpectral Imaging offers custom solutions tailored to suit the needs of the individual client, from data acquisition and processing, through to specialised consulting.  We offer access to data acquisition through the leasing of our equipment, or by offering services using our own specialised systems. Project-focused processing solutions, based on the requirements of the client, are provided for the core image and spectral data which we generate. Our products include a comprehensive set of image and digital data, which can be explored and queried online through our data visualisation platform, IntelliCore_Logo.

Through customised data capture and processing solutions, GeoSpectral Imaging is able to transform the acquired data into information, adding value to the client’s project through the expansion of that client’s knowledge base.


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